VIVO X90 Series Colours are confirmed in the photos and leaked render of the X90 Pro+


Now, We can talk about the VIVO X90 series that is come as soon as possible and may come on November 22 and that may come with Vanilla X90 and an X90 Pro. And the most interesting update is the premium one named VIVO X90 Pro Plus. You can see the latest new looks of the smartphone in the photos but the thing is that the blue color may not come in the VIVO Pro models.

You can see the three different colors of the particular phones. In the red color, you can see the faux leather back one. We already know that this color because of color is already seen in the X Fold+. In the Vanilla one, you can see the matte black finish and the leather you can see on the Pro+ model. And the glossier finish you can see in the blue panel.

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